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Chehreh Group has officially started its artistic services in 2008 as the first entrepreneur in touritic photography and videography in Kish Island. This assosiation was transfered to Turkey in 2015 to provide services in a larger environment. After spending a decade on providing art services in Iran, Turkey and Georgia we have set out to make this association an entirely different host of the guests in Istanbul with no intermediate. Chehreh has entered the advertisement industry along with its previous works and published Chehreh magazine to create a competition among professions and an effective connection between tourists and professions in Istanbul. The future plan of this group is to introduce Chehreh Style in fashion and modelling industry. We wish this organization to provide its services for dear guests in the best way.

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The need to introduction and advertisement has become of an higher importance due to the expansion in the business industry and the competetion between professions therefore businessmen intend to present their products and services by selecting their target communities. Printed advertisement is one of the most popular ways. Chehreh Group which has 10 years of background in touristic photography and videography in different countries, is honoured to present its brand new services in advertisement with a new image. Our purpose is to improve your commercial success and development in Istanbul and to build a bridge between jobs and clients

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We are living in a time when successful Iranian designers try to improve the quality of their products as much as possible with the motive to give identity to their products and consumption of domestic products are increased in such a way that middle class group of people in society want to create their own unique style among domestic products. This subject has drawn the attention of Iranian designers, artists and stylists to details therefore anyone can have their own visual style anytime under any circumstances. Chehreh Style is trying to play its role as a domestic manufacturer with the best quality and modern techniques. Concerning this we have good news for the people who are interested in the art of fashion. Chehreh Style will soon present Iranian people with its unique design and cut collection which is brand new and made out of the best materials and a collaboration with national designers. Further details are soon to come.

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Our purpose in printing this advertisement magazine is to be the guide for customers in their journey by introducing various professions to them and give them a new experience by introducing them the sightseeing, historical and touristic places and shopping centers. We aim to increase business development, give information to tourists and aslo build a bridge between jobs and them.

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Chehreh Group is looking for people who are interested in the relevant subjects to enhance the quality in order to provide good services. We hope to make your ideas come true and achieve big goals in our collaboration.